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Check out our video library of just a few of the many German Shepherd Watch Dogs placed in quality homes. These gifted protection dogs give you an idea of the type of dog you’ll receive.

Family Protection Dogs

German Shepherd Watchdogs imports the finest personal and family protection dogs in the world. Premier fully trained German Shepherds are delivered to your home by one of our nationally-recognized expert trainers.

Trained German Shepherds

German Shepherd Watch Dogs Testimonial

Valko Video

This young Schutzhund III level dog is the complete animal. He is great with people, children, other animals and has great working drive as a sport dog. Valko has received multiple Schutzhund III titles and his protection orientation is great.

Sly Obedience Training

Sly, an impressive competition sport German Shepherd is being trained by John Riboni of German Shepherd Watchdogs. Although he is less than two years old, Sly has already earned his Schutzhund III title. He is one cool dog!

Trained German Shepherd Protection

Watch a fully trained German Shepherd protection dog quickly spring into action to resist a threat. The 3 year old female Shepherd responds instantly to commands.

John Riboni German Shepherd Training

Tito, a Schutzhund III male German Shepherd is doing some bite work on John Riboni’s training field.

Family Guard Dogs

Ajax, a family protection dog, is happy lounging around the house with kids but will quickly and powerfully respond to an outside threat.

Family Protection Dogs

Newly imported premier German Shepherd from Germany being tested by a decoy intruder.