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German Shepherd Protection Dogs

Our German Shepherd Protection Dogs are trained by nationally-recognized police and protection dog experts. Law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada rely on our expertise to train their patrol and narcotics dogs. Our impeccable reputation in the German Shepherd world allows us to evaluate and select the best family watchdogs available in Europe.

We match you with the perfect dog and, utilizing our nationwide network of America’s top German Shepherd trainers, we personally deliver the dog to your home. We’ve delivered dogs as far away as China. Our trainers help you acclimate the dog to your home and provide follow-up training where you live even after the dog settles into your family.  You have access to our training program for the life of your dog

German Shepherd Watchdogs, LLC. is a boutique operation. We simply won’t warehouse large numbers of dogs. Instead, we bring each imported dog into our own homes for further training, socialization and love. Each dog we sell is a member of our own family.