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Protection Dogs for Sale include In Home TrainingOur police K9 and sport dog experts professionally train all breeds to be happy and well-adjusted members of your family.

Our canine experts train law enforcement officers and their dogs from many Northern California police departments. We have dealt with every conceivable behavior problem. High drive cop dogs are some of the toughest students on the planet.

Our expertise is sought by top sport dog competitors, police canine handlers and other dog trainers.

My Trained German Shepherd Protection Dog

Eliminate the daily struggle of living with an untrained and disobedient dog. Barking endlessly, fighting with other animals, digging holes, dragging you down the street and other negative behaviors are not only burdens for you ‐ they demonstrate that your dog is frustrated and not happy.

Your protection dog will live in our homes for three weeks and be trained each and every day. In addition to formal obedience training, we take your dog out in public to proof the training he receives at our kennels.

Our training replicates real world scenarios (i.e., other animals, noises, busy streets, inside stores, outdoor malls, etc.) so that your pooch learns to be under control AT ALL TIMES.

A well trained dog is a happy dog. Let’s face it, a well-behaved dog is fun to be around. Everyone gravitates toward the dog who is obedient in crowds and demonstrates good manners around your house guests and children.

Proper training may actually save your dog’s life. Should your dog accidentally slip out of his collar on a busy street or get separated from you near fast-moving cars, immediate control can mean the difference between life or death.