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We frequently import new dogs and sometimes sell them before they make it to our site. If you don't see a dog you like, feel free to call us. We enjoy custom importing to meet a family's specific needs.

Union-Jack vom Heinrichplatz Bh
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"Jack” is the ultimate family dog. He is great with children and other dogs. He has basic obedience training but is not trained in protection. Jack would make a great family dog or even a good companion for a single person. He loves to play ball and go for long walks or jogs. He is friendly to anyone that you greet but will bark at night if he hears something wrong. Very affectionate and safe dog. Jack’s bloodlines are very impressive show lines. Jack earned a “Bh” title in the schutzhund sport in Germany. That is basic obedience and a temperament test. Call for pricing.
Caiser vom Stadelner Kreuz

Bh, Ad, IPG1, KKlL
Caiser is the real deal! He has a wonderful temperament but is a very dependable family guard dog. He loves both children and adults and he will welcome visitors that you greet and approve of but will definitely warn you when someone suspicious is around. He has quite a lot of drive and power and is somewhat of a bull in the China closet. He needs some space to live in and would require an active family and or persons with prior large dog experience. Show him a ball and he is your best friend. He was raised in Germany where he earned his IPG 1 title with top scores and his breed suitability test. IPG title involves tracking, obedience and protection. He is best suited for a sport, police or active family that doesn't want a lay around the house lazy dog. $25,000
Kingston vom Messebau

Kingston, AKA "Gula", has been our demo dog for the last year. He is a great all around "go anywhere dog". He loves to swim and play fetch. Gula is good with children, other dogs and even chickens. He is not an "attack dog" but is a good watchdog. In Germany he earned an IPO1 title, where he passed tracking, obedience and protection tests. Gula also earned the German breeding title Korklasse. Because of his strikingly good looks, Gula was also shown in conformation shows in Europe. Great dog! Gula is in great condition but will be highly discounted because of his age (dob 8/1/2015). Gula is being offered at $10,000.
Costa vom Turkenkopf

IPO 1, Bh, AD, KKl
Costa is KKl “V” rated (excellent) in conformation. Costa is another one of our outstanding German Imports. He has tons of personality and character. Costa is a very good watchdog but will welcome familiar friends and family. He is great with children and is good with other dogs, including small ones. He loves to play fetch and go swimming. Costa is a very affectionate dog and will easily bond with his new family. You can take him anywhere! Costa is one of the best dogs we have ever had for sale. He is truly a special dog. Being offered at $20,000.

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Dogs Previously Sold

Jayla vom Pentivita Bh - SOLD

BH schutzhund/IPO
Jayla is one of our new arrivals from Germany. She is our "Watchdog extraordinaire". Jayla is always te first to let us know when anyone or anything sets foot on our property. She has a BH schutzhund/IPO title witch includes on and off leash obedience an extensive temperment test that includes joggers, bicyclist, other dogs and vehicle traffic. Her obedience is fast and flashy. She is also started in IPO protection and she takes it very serious. Jayla has a lot of energy but calms right down when she comes in the house. We would reccomend Jayla to someone who likes an active dog and needs a great watchdog. Jayla is only 1 1/2 years old.
Nieno vom Casselwald - SOLD

Nieno is one of our new arrivals. He is very a happy and fun dog. Nieno is great with friends and family and gets along great with other dogs (including the small annoying ones) LOL! Nieno was a show dog in Germany as well as a working dog. With hours of schutzhund training he has earned IPO 2 and his Korklasse breeding title. He has lots of energy. Nieno would make a great jogging companion on or off leash. He will stay right by your side. Nieno is a very friendly and affectionate and just wants to please his handler which makes him easy to handle. He is calm in a house. He is a beautiful dog with great conformation and coat pigment. Nieno can fit into and family nicely.
Aslan - SOLD

Schutzhund III Level Protection Dog
Aslan, a Schutzhund III level protection dog, is the complete package. He is our company demo dog – the one German Shepherd we take to trade shows, school presentations, public seminars and any other venue where we need to demonstrate the best traits available in a German Shepherd. Although he is our demo dog, Aslan is available to the right family. He is a large, stunning dog with impressive rich black pigment with red highlights. His muscles are well toned from years of obedience, protection and tracking competitions and training. He is simply an impressive display of top German Shepherd breeding and training.Aslan is affectionate, playful and loves kids of any age. He is living with a year old toddler at the present time and he adores the little boy. Although he looks serious to outsiders, Aslan enjoys meeting new people that his owners bring into the home.
Eddy - SOLD

Obedience & Protection Dog
Idefix vom Team Geixenhof (call name “Eddy”). Titles Bh, APR 1. APR is an obedience and protection title. His hips and elbows are certified in Germany with the highest rating possible “A normal”. We consider Eddy as our “gentle giant”. He is definitely in the XL category as far as size. Despite his size Eddy is very active and agile. He is very playful and full of personality. Eddy is a VERY formidable watchdog. He welcomes guests that check in with the family but will bark ferociously if strangers come unannounced. He is very obedient and well trained. Loves to play ball and run. Very affectionate to his family. We think Eddy is a very special dog.
Kael Cu Talath - SOLD

Lasslo - SOLD

Lasslo von ewigen Gletschor, tittles IPO 1, BH, AD. Lasslo is a very beautiful looking male. He is a German import; his hips and elbows are certified and received the highest German rating “A” Normal. He was shown in Germany and received a show rating of “V” Excellent. He is a medium size dog. Lasslo is very well trained and loves to work for a ball. He is very devoted and affectionate to his family but sometimes takes a few minutes to warm up to new people. He gets along with other dogs including small ones.
Falco - SOLD

IPO 1, Bh, AD, KKl
Falco zur Medbacher Muhle. Titles IPO 1, Bh, AD, KKl. “V” rated (excellent) in conformation Falco is one of our newest dogs recently imported from Germany. He comes from show lines. His hips and elbows are xrayed and certified “A normal” which is the highest rating given in Germany. He has a wonderful disposition and great work ethic. He has been raised with children. Falco is very affectionate and is a fun dog. Falco loves to chase and retrieve a ball for his handler and is a great watchdog. He is a medium large dog and has and exceptionally large and beautiful head. His looks attrack a lot of attention.
Union-Jack vom Heinrichplatz Bh
Conan - SOLD

IPO 1, BH Protection Dog
Conan z Dubodiela, tittles IPO 1, BH. This dog comes directly from Slovakia. He is just an all around great dog. He recently won his regional schutzhund championship. Great family and sport dog. Has been raised with children, cats and other dogs.
Bochy - SOLD

Protection Dog
We are excited to have acquired another new arrival “Bochy vom Steinbeckland”. Bochy was impecably trained by one of the top trainers in the USA from one of the most successfull schutzhund clubs in the USA. He has a BH title and is ready for his IPO 1 title. He is very playfull and is naturally obedient. He does excellent obedience, tracking and protection. He is well socialized and friendly with people that his family welcomes. On the property and on his own, Bochy is a formidable watch dog. Bochy is a large dog with an intimidating appearance but will make a wonderfull devoted family companion/ watchdog.
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