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Country living

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As more and more people become invested in eating homegrown vegetables, creating less waste, and leaving a smaller “carbon footprint,” there has been a shift toward moving into rural or remote areas. While getting away from the city definitely has its perks, it also brings with it a host of other difficulties. While the quiet serenity of living out in the woods or on a remote island is soothing, it can make it quite hard to get help in the case of an emergency. For many people, the easiest solution to this dilemma has been to own a dog, and trained German Shepherds are some of the most popular.

German Shepherds possess a high level of intelligence, agility, and loyalty, which makes them excellent guard dogs.   They also need a great deal of space to run and play, space that is not always available in a more urban setting. Combine a German Shepherd’s inherent skills and demeanor with wide open spaces and a loving owner, and you have a near perfect match. If you are considering making a home in the wild, consider making your home with a German Shepherd.

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