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Moving companion

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Anyone who has traveled in the United States knows how different the country is from region to region.  The Northeast has a very different feeling from the Southeast, and the Midwest feels very different from the Southwest.  For anyone making a move across country, the feeling of dislocation and isolation can be acute.  Having a dog, especially a German Shepherd protection dog, can help mitigate some of those feelings of loneliness.  If you happen to be moving from someplace far away to California, you are in luck, as our company is one of the premier German Shepherd importers on the west coast.

Trained German Shepherds are known for their intense loyalty, excellent agility, and high level of intelligence.  Originally bred to aid in animal herding on farms, they have become important parts of search and rescue teams, law enforcement groups, teams of executive protection dogs, and most importantly, loving homes around the world.  If you are considering owning a dog, and are seeking the perfect canine companion for your new life, consider a German Shepherd.  They really can become your best friend.

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