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Puppy proofing and house breaking tips

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Puppies are fantastic.  Watching them take in and process the world around them, explore, and grow, is a fascinating and joyful experience.  They also require a lot of work and responsibility.  In their early years, they are very similar to human babies, except they do not have opposable thumbs.  German Shepherd puppies require very clear boundaries within the house, and a lot of attention and socialization.  Trained German Shepherds will bring your family and friends hours of joy, but that training must begin early, and your home must be set up to accommodate your future family protection dogs.

“Puppy proofing” the inside of your home, means putting away any chemicals or toxic materials that can be ingested.  Find places to put these items that are inaccessible to your new puppy.  Put away any items that you love or that are keepsakes.  There is a chance that they will get broken or chewed on during the training process.  Make sure that garbage cans are well sealed, and teach your dog from the beginning of their time in your home, that garbage is off-limits.  You can give your puppy safe chew toys but make sure he only has access to them in your presence.

Addtionally, it is important to crate-train your puppy.  Keep in mind that dogs are den animals by nature.  The crate is, for all practical purposes, your dog’s den so he will feel safe when he’s inside.  Dogs keep their dens clean and your puppy will avoid peeing in the crate at all costs.  Every time you bring the puppy out of the crate, he should immediately go outside to whatever spot you have chosen for him to do his business.  Repeating this process over the course of several weeks will fairly rapidly house break the puppy.

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