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Everyone wants to keep his or her family safe. Knowing that our loved ones are comfortable and protected is a concern for many people. We often install multiple devices in an effort to insure this safety. We buy burglar alarms, safety gates, childproof containers, and specialized locks for our homes or cars. There is also another equally effective protection option that many people overlook. Trained German Shepherds can be excellent family protection dogs or family guard dogs. They are often more of a deterrent to intruders than an alarm, while being far friendlier to your family.

German Shepherds are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and agility. They have tremendous working drive and  focus this energy on whoever adopts them. Trained German Shepherds form vital components of search and rescue and law enforcement teams because of this inherent tendency towards protecting those around them. The presence of a German Shepherd in your life will make a huge difference in your sense of security and provide your household with a great new family member.

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